Patient Care

Offer specialized services in the fields of neurology, genetics & biomedical sciences.

Medical and Biomedical Specialized Services

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics provides a wide range of specialized clinical and laboratory services in the fields of neurology, genetics, biomedical and other related sciences. It offers diagnostics for common and rare diseases to the Cypriot community and to countries of the region. It also provides forensic services.

Through a wide range of 500 different services, CING treats more than 11.000 patients and provides more than 95.000 laboratory and clinical services. It is the only Institute in Cyprus that has the technology, know-how and expertise to provide more than 90% of these examinations.

The laboratories of the Departments/Clinics are accredited with International Standards and also participate in international external quality control schemes, ensuring a high standard of provision of services. 

CING plays a leading role in Cyprus in the fields of Neurology, Genetics and Biomedical and Medical Sciences. It has introduced and applied clinical and laboratory services with great success and has undertaken the responsibility of several national diagnostic and screening programs in these sectors. 

The Institute has established collaborations with centers and universities in the neighboring countries and provides diagnostic services as a Regional Referral Center.


Clinic and Laboratory Services