About CSMM

The Council of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine is composed of nine members; three members of the Board of Directors of CING, five faculty members and one elected students’ representative.

The Council advises the owner and Director of the School on matters such the syllabi of the programs, the criteria of admission, promotion and graduation of the students and the internal regulation of the School.        

The Chief Executive Medical Director of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics is the ex-officio Provost of the School. The Provost of the CSMM is Prof Leonidas Phylactou, who has the overall supervision of the operation of the School. The Provost of the School oversees all external relations and is responsible for promoting the expansion of CSMM.

The Dean of the School is Prof Kyriacos Kyriacou and has the academic responsibility of the CSMM. Moreover, he chairs the Academic and Disciplinary Committees of the School.

Committees of the CSMM
The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine has several Committees for the operation of the School, such as the Admissions Committee, the Administrative Committee, the Academic Committee, the Disciplinary Committee and MSc/PhD Examination Committees.

Education Office
The Education Office of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine is the Office which deals with the admission, registration, teaching, research, graduation and other student matters. The Education Office is also responsible for the promotion of the CSMM and its program studies, in Cyprus and abroad.

The Library of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine consists of reference books, journals, technical information, dictionaries and other reading material. The academic staff and students of the CSMM have access to information such as electronic journals and databases. The Library is continuously updated with new scientific journals and books, relevant to the CSMM’s clinical, educational and research activities.



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